Testimonials from Current Distance Jazz Piano Students

I was lucky enough to hear Mark Miller on the Radio several years ago. He was giving a ‘distance lesson’ to a student in Spain? but I felt like we were all sitting in my living room. This vivid experience inspired me to email Mark and I’ve been his student ever since. Mark Miller has a rare combination of talents. He is a talented jazz pianist AND has the heart of a true teacher. He wants you to be successful and creates arrangements suitable for whatever level you are at. He understands that students are often their own worst critics so he helps you build confidence by building a strong foundation. In addition, having a Skype lesson saves so much time and hassle! I am able to use that ‘extra’ time preparing for my lesson and reviewing the new concepts immediately afterwords. Between lessons Mark is available and will clarify questions (via email) that might arise. This is a real advantage as I don’t have to wait until the next lesson.

All in all, Mark Miller is a rare find.

Kathryn B.

St. Charles, IL


” Mark Miller’s method of teaching is not only innovative from a technical point of view – he teaches all over the globe, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UK, USA, using the telephone and internet, but his methods are different from the traditional / classical and in my experience are far more effective than. The theory is no longer an abstract subject detached from the practical side of playing but forms an integral part of the music, understanding the theory of harmony and harmonic progressions allows more rapid learning of a new piece, enables improvisation and creativity for even relatively untalented people like me!

Ray Foulkes, Businessman who studied 8 years classically during childhood and now studies ” distance jazz piano” from home in Romsey, England


” I have learned more about music than in all those years of classical training and I am already seeing how the music is put together from the ground up. It’s amazing how much I’ve progressed in just 3.5 months. I can memorize a song in 1, maybe 2, hours or less and can use what I’ve memorized as a springboard to go further. Mark has been just what I’d been looking for.”

Dr. Pat Plummer, Doctor Pat studied 12 years classically as a child , and now studies ” distance jazz piano” from his home in Oregon .


” Thanks! I had high expectations about these lessons but you are exceeding my expectations.”

E. Atkinson, Lawyer who studied 4 years classically as a child, and now takes lessons over the phone, in her home in Virginia.


” I would recommend taking lessons from Professor Miller to anyone who has ever wanted to know how to ” really play” the piano. Finally, after years of frustration, I can sit down at the piano and say ” Yeah, I know how to play!” Contacting Mark Miller for ” distance jazz piano lessons” was one of the best decisions I had ever made.”

M. Takahashi, studied classically for 7 years, and has progressed through both method books in just 2 months of lessons. Miss Takahashi lives in Torrance, CA


Hi my name is Ray Foulkes, I am one of Mark Miller’s distance students. I learned classical piano as a child but I never really got to understand the theory of harmony or to really ” know the keyboard.” I was never able to improvise and as an adult I always found it very time consuming to learn a new piece of music. Mark has really “turned on the light” for me. I have only been having lessons since May this year but already I am making great progress, I can learn a new song in just a few days or a week and Mark’s progressive approach allows me to learn a basic version first, and then to elaborate and improvise on it over time. I truly believe that I will at long last, master this instrument and be able to play to an audience, although I am doing this for my own pleasure. I would highly recommend Mark to any one wanting to re-learn the piano or who was interested in getting to know how to play jazz on this wonderful instrument.

I wish you all the very best.



To Those Needing to Know:

Letters of recommendation are often seen. Most of those seen, however, have somehow been sought out by the person/entity that is being recommended. This letter was prompted not by a request, but by the sincere thrill that Mark Miller has brought to my piano playing.

As a child, I found myself taking piano lessons just as many of my friends did. And while I enjoyed it, and continued to take lessons for some 10 years, it was not until I had the opportunity to receive instruction from Mark that my ability took leaps and bounds from where I had been. For the first time in my life, I actually SEE the music, instead of just play it.

Mark has the ability to zero in on a students Achilles heel, and walk them through the difficult parts with new understanding, that stays with you long after that particular difficult piece has passed. For me, at least, Mark has shown me things I wouldn’t have dreamed possible, the latest, is simply giving me the lead sheet, and letting me fill in the chords and /or accompaniment on my own. Can I do it flawlessly? Not yet, but the thought of even trying something like this before I met Mark would have had me laughing at such an impossible task.

So, as you can tell, I’m a Mark Miller fan/advocate. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. But note this, Mark’s time slots are going to be filling up fast. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover what you’ve been missing while sitting at the piano.


Andrew J. Douglas