Piano Lessons For The Blind

Piano Lessons For The Blind

Thanks to an article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper about a distance student from Little Rock , Noel Romey called me. Noel has been blind since birth but always wanted to play popular songs. He started distance Piano  Lessons For The Blind on June 30 th 2005 and I’m very confident that he will become an accomplished pop/jazz piano player.

In teaching Piano Lessons For The Blind I’m able to help the student ” hear ” the quality of the chords as well as show the student how music is very very patterned. I pick songs that have a lot of circle of 5ths movement in the harmony. In this way the student can more easily predict the upcoming chord name.  This allows the blind student to focus more on the unique melody in each song.  Music is very patterned and when you learn chords and the ” true ” circle of 5ths, you are able to memorize songs very quickly.



How many blind piano students have gone on to amazing professional music careers? Two that come to mind are Ray Charles and George Shearing. How many more people who have lost their ability to see could learn to play piano if only given the opportunity.

I feel an affinity to teaching Piano Lessons For The Blind because in distance piano learning both student and teacher are relying heavily on our ears. And as a Jazz Pianist I listen carefully to the type of sound for each chord and can ofter ” pre-hear ” and anticipate the upcoming chord or harmony. This is a very important skill that I teach my Piano Lessons For The Blind students !

My Goal For Blind Students

That they develop their musical ears to be their eyes, that they understand the concepts behind jazz / pop piano and that they are inspired by my ability to teach using only my ears.