One Handed Piano Lessons

I started teaching One Handed Piano Lessons in September 2003. Kay Breslin, from Barrington Illinois, was my first ” one – handed ” student. Here friend, Celia, commissioned me to write an arrangement for her. I arrange popular songs for one hand that sound as full as standard two handed arrangements.

Since then I’ve written over 60 one-handed piano arrangements for my One Handed Piano Lessons students. I’ve taught stroke survivors in Seattle to Cerebral Palsy students in Virginia.

Teaching One Handed Piano Lessons is probably the most rewarding part of my  job as a piano teacher.  It gives me great joy to be able to bring music into or back into students lives that didn’t think it possible to play piano!

To my knowledge 95% of the one-handed piano repertoire is written for left hand only and is mostly classical pieces. These classical pieces are quite difficult for the average piano player.

About My Students

Having written over 60 one-handed arrangements over the last 10 years, for my student, Kay Breslin, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her evolve into a wonderful musician. She recently performed at a Rehabilitation center which gave as much joy to the audience as to the performer. If you’d like to hear Kay perform just go to the home page and click on the video. You can read more about Kay in the Stroke Connection Magazine July/August 2005 issue.

Since the Stroke Connection article appeared, I’ve started to teach 2 other students who have survived strokes. Each of my 60 plus arrangements are primarily written to be played with the right hand alone. But they could be played with the left hand with some slight editing. I will look forward to writing my first left-hand only arrangements.

If you or someone you know has always wanted to play piano, or has played before their particular disability and want to get music back in their life, please call me at 800 – 327- 4266

Goal For My One-Handed Piano Lessons Students 

To bring the joy of playing piano into or back into their lives!