In-Studio Piano Lessons


My name is Mark Miller and I have been a Barrington Piano Teacher for the last 25 years. My piano teaching studio is located on Northwest Highway just minutes from St. Anne’s catholic school and within walking distance to the Northwestern Train Station.

As a Barrington Piano Teacher who specializes in Jazz, I teach on a Kawai Baby grand piano and use Finale to publish all my arrangements. The learning environment is very important to me. I’m proud to offer a comfortable, noise-free teaching studio. One that doesn’t have to compete with sound from other contiguous music teaching rooms.

Located just a ½ mile from the Chicago Metro Northwest Rail-Line and minutes away from O’Hare international airport, many of my Distance Piano Students have taken In-Studio lessons periodically. I can be reached at 847-382-6346

Piano Tuition

Lessons are $90 an hour for weekly lessons, either 45 minutes or an hour, or $100 an hour for bi-weekly hour lessons. Tuition is paid monthly and due the first week of each month. There are no make-up lessons

My Goal For My Piano Students

Each of my students brings a unique set of skills to their lessons. I build on those skills and formulate my lesson plans accordingly. Three areas that I think are key to being able to play piano lifelong are: Chords, Concepts and Creativity. Very briefly, if you can form/play any chord and you understand essential concepts i.e. circle of 5ths, chord substitution etc., you can use this knowledge to be creative at the piano. You will no longer be restricted by what others write or arrange but will have the skill set necessary to make a song your own.