Gift Some Piano Lessons

Gift Some Piano Lessons 

Many thousands of adults and children have tried to play the piano but failed. Many times is through no fault of the parent of child. Most students just look for the “closest” piano teacher to their home with little or no concern about how that piano teacher teachers. Well now, you can Gift Some Piano Lessons to yourself or your spouse or your children. It does not matter where or how close the piano teacher lives to your house. Just Gift Some Piano Lessons with a master jazz pianist/instructor who teaches students around the world in the comfort of students own home.

Through the use of the phone to teach piano, it no longer matters geographically where you live as to whom you can study with. So I can just as easily teach my student from Florida as I can my student from Hong Kong.

These distance lessons are non-traditional in every sense of the word. The student will learn all of their 3-note chords the first few weeks and be playing popular songs, so called lead sheets, within the first month. This is a very big sound for a beginner. Imagine how long it would take to play 4 notes simultaneously in a traditional lesson:

Probably years. We don’t have years. If you aren’t playing songs in the first month then you will naturally get frustrated and bored. Knowing your chords allows for a big sound very quickly as well as understanding the building blocks of all western civilization music. Any professional pianist playing hotels, parties, gigs, etc. typically knows their chords, inside and out.

If you yourself or someone you know has always wanted to play the piano, why not Gift Some Piano Lessons to them.  Just call us at 800-32-PIANO, or email us, and we will arrange a convenient time to start distance learning piano lessons. We can even send a gift certificate in the mail to the intended recipient.