Distance Learning Piano Lessons


Welcome to the 21 st Century where Distance Learning Piano Lessons are becoming ” the norm “. Now you can study piano with a master jazz pianist/teacher, in the comfort of your home, over the phone. Since April 2002, I’ve taught Distance Learning Piano Lessons to students from as far away as New Zealand , Hong Kong and England and as close as my hometown Chicago Illinois . I use the internet to send chord drills, custom lead sheets, verbatim arrangements, and audio files to students around the world.

I’ve also had the privilege of teaching blind students from Arkansas, California and Illinois.

I’ve had the good fortune to teach Catherine Turner from England. She has only the use of her right hand and is blind. She has been taking Distance Learning Piano Lessons for over 3 years now.  She can play almost 10 songs and knows hundreds of chords !   It has been a real learning experience for me to teach her over skype.  I’ve had to find songs that she nows the melody of , and also find songs that have a very patterned harmony, i.e. circle of 5ths.

I’ve also had the good fortune to teach Kay Breslin who has only the use of her right hand. I’ve written over 55 ONE-HANDED ARRANGEMENTS for Kay. I think you’ll be amazed how full sounding these ONE -HANDED ARRANGEMENTS are. I invite you to hear Kay performing by going to my home page on this site www.pianoweb.com

I’m really excited to bring music into peoples lives, through Distance Learning Piano Lessons, who would not ordinarily think that they could play the piano ! That is what really excites me about the technology and my God given ability to hear music around the world over the internet !

I have over 25 years experience teaching and performing piano and have studied with arguably the 2 best jazz pianist/teachers in the country, namely Alan Swain from Depaul University and Tony Caramia currently at Eastman School of Music.

My Goal For My Piano Students

Each of my students brings a unique set of skills to their lessons. I build on those skills and formulate my lesson plans accordingly. Three areas that I think are key to being able to play piano lifelong are: Chords, Concepts and Creativity. Very briefly, if you can form/play any chord and you understand essential concepts i.e. circle of 5ths, chord substitution etc., you can use this knowledge to be creative at the piano. You will no longer be restricted by what others write or arrange but will have the skill set necessary to make a song your own.


Equipment needed:

  • Cordless Phone
  • Headset
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Computer/ Email Address
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader ( Free off the internet )
  • How Do I Start learning Piano

Just give us a call, 1-800-327-4266 or email us. We will get back to you and discuss just exactly what your goals are regarding playing the piano.(See home page under Music Menu for a list of some of the playing styles I teach). Then we work out a lesson time that is convenient for you. We pay all phone charges. We call you at the pre-designated lesson time and all you do is pick up your cordless phone, insert your headset and head on over to your piano/keyboard to begin learning.

Piano Tuition

Lessons are $90 an hour for weekly lessons, either 45 minutes or an hour, or $100 an hour for bi-weekly hour lessons. Tuition is paid monthly and due the first week of each month. Tuition includes 24/7 emailing of questions with a response within 24 hours.