Piano Lessons

They did a study of adults in America, and asked them what one thing have you always wanted to do: number one answer was ” take piano lessons “

Thousands, perhaps millions of Americans have taken piano lessons and can’t play a single song !  What is wrong with this picture ? I believe it is because they were not taught to play chords. Piano Lessons are much more than ” reading notes ” on a page.  I take the ” Mystery out of Music ” , as one Michigan student recently told me.  See, music is very patterned but the ” classically trained ” musician is never taught to see these patterns. The patterns are all based around chords and chord syntax. When you are only reading single notes , you don’t see the underlying structure of the music: therefore it is much harder to memorize songs, and to create your own music.

I believe that piano lessons should be taught more like guitar. The reason guitar has been so popular over the years is because you play chords/ harmonies from the very first lesson. Therefore you are motivated by the sound of these multiple notes called chords.  So, in my piano lessons, I teach all 60 three-note chords in the very first lesson .  This way, the student is playing a melody in the right hand ( single note ) , and a 3 note chord in the left hand the very first lesson.  This is a huge sound for a ” initial lesson”. The student is playing 4 notes simultaneously, which they would not get to in ” traditional lessons ” for months , in fact more likely a year .

So chords are the way to teach piano lessons and I invite you to see how quickly you can get a great sound. Try some lessons with Mark Miller !


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