I vi ii V7 I – Chord Progression

The chord progression  I  vi  ii  V7  I    is the 2nd most common chord progression in music.

This progression is in hundreds of songs.

For example:

Blue Moon
Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man
Savin’ All My Love
Try To Remember

And the list goes on

Remember the lower case roman numerals designate a minor chord while the upper case roman numerals denote a major chord.  The upper case roman numeral with a superscript Arabic 7 denotes a dominant chord.

It goes without saying, that when a student understands and can recall quickly the  I  vi ii V7  I chords in all 12 keys, then he or she will memorize and be able to transpose songs exponentially faster.  Perhaps more importantly you will retain your memorized repertoire for a lifetime because you learned a concept that is in every song.  If you look for this chord progression , you will find it in over 90% of popular songs.

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