Harmonic Patterns


The chords / harmonies in songs move or progress in a very predictable pattern.


When we know the most common and predictable patterns of chord movement we are able to memorize large sections of music with relative ease.

Remember music is like a language.  All languages have a certain syntax.  In the English language we tend to describe the noun before we state the noun.  For example, “ The Green House”.  Where as other languages might say “ The House Green”.  There is a certain order in the way the words are organized that we come to expect.  Well the same concept applies in Western Civilization Music.  Certain types of chords precede other types of chords.  It’s just the way music is organized.

Knowing the “ syntax”, if you will, of chords in music, is key to unlocking the arduous task of memorizing music.  I know this “ chord order” like my name.  It allows me to memorize a new piece of music in minutes.  Unlike my childhood days when it would take me hours of “ muscle memory” to play a piece without the music.  Then , because it was muscle memory or rote memory, I would forget it within weeks of “ mastering it”.

Jazz Pianists know these harmonic patterns.  It is this knowledge which enables me to play hours of memorized repertoire, both now and for years to come.  I invite you to learn the “ syntax “ of music!

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Harmonic Patterns