Advanced Chord Voicings

What I call “ advanced chords”, are chords that use beautiful colors like 9ths, 11ths and 13ths, but are fully contained within an octave span. These “ advanced chords” are usually played with the left hand but aren’t exclusive to the left hand.

Obviously, if we are playing a 9th or 13th  chord,  all within the left hand,  and not spanning more than an octave, then we must omit some of the “ less important” notes of the chord.
Those “ less important” notes are the root note and the 5th of the respective chord/s.

This “Advanced chord “ voicing is very useful in playing with a bass and drummer.  It frees up the right hand to improvise while the left hand plays all the important and colorful notes of a complex chord.  These advanced voicings are not exclusive to a trio setting.  I use them when playing solo piano when I play a “ boom-chick” bass part or if I want to solo, improvise , or just play a different sound.

There are approximately 10 of these so called  “ Advanced Voicings” that I teach my students.  The voicings are used and taught only by professionals.  They are harder to visualize on the piano than a root position voicing, but are well worth the extra effort because of the phenomenal modern sound.

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