Alan Swain

As I stated, Alan Swain, professional jazz pianist / teacher has changed my life! I can honestly say that I would not be making a living performing and teaching jazz/pop piano had I not had the good fortune of taking lessons from Alan Swain back in 1980- 81. Immediately subsequent to my lessons I landed a gig on Grand Cayman Island for 6 months. This was the catalyst which launched my musical career.

Rather than going on and on about Alan, I’d like to quote from the inside jacket of his Four-Way Keyboard System books which I use with all my jazz piano students. This is what is says:

About The Author, Alan Swain

Alan Swain has more than thirty years of teaching and playing experience in the jazz field. This extensive background has led to the formulation of the creative improvisational techniques that you will enjoy in this book.”

Alan Swain’s credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Music degree from Tulsa University
  • Master of Music degree from Northwestern University
  • Playing for many top performers while leading his own trio at various clubs in Chicago
  • Developing one of the largest private jazz piano studios in the Country
  • Author of several books
  • Member of the music faculty of DePaul University

Alan Swain’s accomplishments include:

  • Books By Alan Swain
  • Four-Way Keyboard System, Books I, II and III
  • A New Look At Keyboard Harmony
  • Improvise: A Step-By-Step Approach
  • Scat! A Vocal Approach To Improvisation ( includes cassette)
  • Scat II ( booklet and cassette )

To find out more about DISTANCE JAZZ PIANO LESSONS from a former student of Alan Swain’s, call Mark Miller at 800-327-4266 or email me at