About Us

My name is Mark Miller and I started offering Online Piano Lessons about 10 years ago. My first student was Ray Foulkes from Romsey England. He studied with me for 7 years and now writes and performs his own music. I currently teach Online Piano Lessons to students in 7 different countries including, UAE, England, Norway, Belgium, Austria , Canada and USA. I write my own arrangements of popular tunes.

In fact, I write over 12 different levels of arrangements for each of about 300 songs. So if you are a beginner level student I might send you Misty with triads. If you are a advanced student, I would send you Misty with Standard Core 13ths and or ” rootless ” chord voicings. Each student is taught differently based on his or her level and interest in different styles of playing: for example Blues, Boogie Woogie, Walking Bass, Block Style etc. I’ve found that Online Piano Lessons are the most expedient way of teaching piano and busy adults just love it.

I invite you to study piano via my Online Piano Lessons. I guarantee you that you will be amazed at how quickly you are able to play songs. Playing a single melody in the right hand ( treble clef ) , together with a chord in the left hand , ( written as a symbol above the melody notes, so there is no Bass Clef reading of notes), will get you a very big sound and very quickly.